Resources should not go in waste

Malik Scrap Store promptly accepts all the Material Products such as Car spare parts scrap, construction leftovers, waste or old materials like copper, aluminum, silver, iron, plastic materials. We venture in the best prize dealings and our readily buy all the building construction material, old furniture scrap, wholesale scrap and a lot more.

For material scrap, we are open to purchasing like:- Aluminum scrap, Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, Brass Scrap, Copper Scrap, Silicon metal scrap, Steel Scrap, Motor scrap etc.


Material Products


Trading in discarded auto parts and metals resources

Have old, ragged and broke Personal computers & Laptops to dump? Electronic items are nowadays manufactured on a great scale. Just like they make our tasks much easier and inventions of portable devices being the blessings in disguise, we are totally dependent on them for our basic needs. With the introduction of new devices every day, old devices like Laptop, PCs, mobile phones convert into E-waste. Malik Scrap store yields in the purchase of such equipment and makes the best utilization of it.


Venturing in the scrap service of all sort of vehicles

Critical components like battery, axle, brakes, radiators, AC compressor, mufflers, shock absorbers, transmission, run down engines, etc are various scrap material Cars and bikes which we trade in. Malik Scrap Store vendors in the purchase of aforesaid scrap materials under reasonable prices. We accept old, rusted, unused or wasted spare parts of both Car and Bike.


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