It’s not just an E-waste

Malik scrap store accepts the numerous ranges of electrical scrap materials such as Old Personal Computers, Laptops, Deep Fridge, Television, Water Cooler, Home appliances such as mixer grinders, blenders, etc. We readily welcome the electric motor scraps, copper, silver and aluminum scrap. Malik Scrap Store collects all kind of electrical waste including unused and broken E-waste in any form, in order to utilize the best of it the most methodological way. Our service of accepting and decomposing Electrical scrap products is a step towards the environment’s safety and Malik Scrap Store believes in the reuse of best out of waste. We have a reasonable price strategy in this process.

From large electronic scrap material to small electronic scrap material, we readily undertake all kinds of waste, like old and unused material.


Electrical Products


We acquire the best out of scrap

Have old, ragged and broke Personal computers & Laptops to dump? Electronic items are nowadays manufactured on a great scale. Just like they make our tasks much easier and inventions of portable devices being the blessings in disguise, we are totally dependent on them for our basic needs. With the introduction of new devices every day, old devices like Laptop, PCs, mobile phones convert into E-waste. Malik Scrap store yields in the purchase of such equipment and makes the best utilization of it.

UPS/Water Cooler/ Stabilizer/ Geyser

Any kind of unused to worn out rusted machine devices

Depending on what generation of UPS, Water Cooler, Stabilizer or Geyser a consumer uses, the disposing of the worn out machinery is a guilty task. As in while purchasing such mechanical devices, the investment cost would have been a good amount and simply disposing of without any benefit sounds like a lame stupidity. Malik scrap store trades in the purchase of such mechanical scraps whether it is in a wholesale or not, our purchase price won’t let your investment go in vain. We even accept the spare parts of such devised machines.

Air Conditioner

An AC is always cooler even if it dies as a scrap!

The innovation in the machinery is endless and hence the number of old air conditioners that become outdated is huge. Malik Scrap Store deals in the purchase of all type of old, unused or scraps air conditioners given in any form, broke or the spare parts. We make the best utilization of the product and deal at very affordable prices.


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